Websites & public relations for cleantech businesses

Creator of narratives, names & strategies

Climate-technology communications specialist



Strategic and original thinking

Joule SC Principal, Melody Kean Haller, is an experienced professional focusing on public communications and content creation for entrepreneurial, sustainable and industrial-transformation companies. She is a clear strategic thinker, innovative problem solver and concise writer.

Content creation, both verbal and visual

Working remotely, Haller takes great enjoyment in writing for clients' websites or social media, including finding or creating visual elements. In her early career she was an art director and photo editor for MacWEEK magazine. She is well informed across the many aspects of the climate solutions category. Her experience is primarily with business-to-business communications rather than consumer or retail.

PR continuity and agency management

For an early stage growing company, Haller can create a website and do initial PR. For a more developed company, she can focus on strategy and content creation or serve as the in-house manager/liaison for the client's PR agency of choice. She has established agency relationships but is also completely open to new ones. She prefers to work with firms that are authentically committed to advancing climate solutions.



Joule: Work. Energy. Heat!


Haller has worked with a very wide range of emerging technologies since 1991 when she represented Apple Macintosh application developers, and in 1994 when she led some of the very first Internet launches, including Yahoo! She has collaborated with companies from two-person startups to 3M and IBM corporations.


Since 2003 she has been advocating for industrial transformation toward lower carbon and sustainable technologies. She has fun with new models that haven't quite been figured out or even named yet and loves articulating the groundwork for a long-term vision.

Her highest priority is to work intelligently toward reducing human impact on climate change. If you've got great ideas for doing the right thing, she'll be your loyal ally and aide.


Melody started Joule Strategic Communications in 2014. She previously founded Antenna Group, Inc. in 1996, and grew it to be the leading PR firm focused on cleantech ventures. She successfully sold Antenna in 2010. She now prefers working as an individual collaborating within a team rather than as an agency builder.

With her British husband, Melody now lives in Portland, Oregon near young family.

Contact: melodykhaller@gmail.com or text to 415-652-6485.