Websites & public relations
for climate-tech businesses


Why Joule?


Since 2003, the team has worked with cleantech or climate-tech businesses at every stage, from seed through public offering. We know the right way to address your audiences at each stage.

Joule focuses solely on business-to-business technology innovators aiming to provide constructive solutions for the climate change challenge. Our experience spans nearly every aspect of technologies in the sector, from nuclear fusion to water efficiency, wind generators, vehicle charging, renewable diesel and more.



This tightly integrated, small team has overlapping skills from logo design through layout, photo/video editing, public relations writing and the specifics of website performance. This integration enables rapid design iteration and creative play.


Our virtual offices, use of close contributors and lack of overhead keep costs way down. We care about the importance of what we are helping companies accomplish, more than we aim to profit. We are focused on helping our clients, not on building our own reputation.


The climate change challenge calls for urgent action. We complete most projects in under one month.



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Based in Portland, Oregon, Joule Strategic Communications is  led by Melody Kean Haller, who began her career as a graphic designer and art director, then segued to technology public relations. She founded Antenna Group, Inc., in San Francisco. As CEO, she led it to become the leading cleantech PR firm, then sold it in 2010.


Haller has been advocating for industrial transformation toward lower carbon and sustainable technologies since 2003. The Joule team's highest priority is to work intelligently toward reducing human impact on climate change.


or text to 415-652-6485.